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Demänovská Cave of Liberty

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The cave was discovered by A. Král with the help of A. Mišura and other surveyors through the dry lowest ponor of Demänovka River in 1921. The Commission for Publicizing of the Demänovské Caves was established in 1922 and began the development works for opening for the public. An interim electrical lighting was installed in 1923. A part of the cave, leading from the entrance gallery through the Marble Riverbed and Great Dome up to the Golden Lake, was opened for the public in 1924. The length of path open to public is 1,800 m. Vertical difference between entrance and Ground Floor is -66 m, and between the Ground Floor and exit +85 m.

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Region: Liptovský Mikuláš (Žilinský kraj)

GPS: 48.998191422 19.585468658


Address: Demänovská dolina

Phone: +421 445 59 16 73



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Krásy Nízkych Tatier 11.07.2017 Admin
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Táto jednoďňová okružná trasa začína pri Demänovskej jaskyni slobody a prevedie ťa najkrajšími výhľadmi Nízkych Tatier aby ti na konci ukázala opomínanú perlu, Dolinu Vyvieranie. Nebudeme teda chodiť zbytočne okolo horúcej nádoby... Read more

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